Adapt and improvise

The first Stonehaven Farmers’ & Produce Market of the year was held on Saturday 5th February 2022 in Margaret Street, adjacent to the Market Square.

When the weather forecast was checked on the Friday evening it was most certainly not nice – strong winds gusting in excess of 40mph were expected. We had a bit of “blaw” back in November where one trader’s stall totally collapsed and two others were damaged by the wind. The Market Administrator sent out an e-mail on Friday evening to all stallholders who had indicated they would be attending advising them of the expected weather conditions and that they would be expected to take necessary steps to ensure the safety of not only themselves but the shopping public.

Adapt and improvise is the order of the day when it comes to the weather.

Collage of stallholders on the day

Contingency plans were made to carry on with the market but in restricted circumstances where traders would be permitted to sell off the back or out of their vans/cars. The Stonehaven Desk Sergeant and community policing team were helpful, as ever, ensuring that the market area was clear of parked vehicles for the Saturday morning market.

The Stonehaven Men’s Shed Market Support Team (Andy Lorimer, Paul Tosh, Peter Cooper, David Lomax, Jim Mackenzie and Mike McInally) all turned to on Saturday to help ensure the safety of the stallholders and the public by ensuring that vehicles were parked and situated in such a a way as to allow the traders to trade and the shoppers to shop. They were also present at the market close down, again, to ensure safe exit from the market and derigging in a safe manner.

A further attendee was Aberdeenshire Council who were publicising and otherwise encouraging market attenders’ awareness of the Stonehaven Participatory Budget (Voice your Choice) for sports and leisure for which the voting will soon be open for the townspeople to submit their preferences.

So, many thanks to the traders that came along and helped ensure a satisfactory experience for all and to the Shedders for their presence and helping out with rigging, parking and clearing the area etc. Many thanks also the ladies of Royal British Legion (Stonehaven Branch) for their generous supply of “fly cups and funcy pieces” to the Shedders and allowing them to warm up a little once the market was under way.
We’ll hope for a better experience in March………watch the weather.😉