The “Hive’s” Shed

It’s a busy week down at the Shed with multiple activities taking place in the workshops and hobby rooms. As the Covid restrictions are relaxed and attendance at the Shed is picking up so the increased “rush-rush hurry-hurry work-work bang-bang” sound effects throughout the Shed are testament to the efforts being made to catch up on various projects, both personal and community oriented in the “to do” lists.

The series of photos below show some of the guys involved in the various projects and activities going on at the moment in the Shed.

Picture shows two of the shedders using handtools at one of the benches in the workshop
Davie Ross & Murray Marshall share space on one of the benches

Peter Cooper, on the right, uses his skills as professional bike mechanic to “upcycle” bikes which are then sold for income which supports the shed’s operational requirements

Meanwhile, outside, Paul Tosh works away on a consignment of barrels that have been sourced by the Shed to refurbish to display up at the Railway Station in conjunction with Stonehaven’s Horizon Team…….watch this space…..

The are quite a few other jobs ongoing at the Shed but we don’t want to hog all the space and now that life is showing some signs of getting back to the “new normal” we’ll try and keep you all updated on Shed happenings on a regular basis.

Oh, and someone has to clean up – in this case, Jim Mackenzie 😉