Stonehaven Golf Club this week

The winter league competition occurs only at the weekend so the ‘course closed’ signs were a disappointing sight on Saturday. Still, with the field holes looking like an ice rink following the overnight freezing of Friday’s rain, there was no option but to cancel play leaving only Sunday for competitors to strut their stuff. Not to worry, Spring beckons and with it the prospect of shades, shorts and lemonade on the veranda.

The Seniors managed to complete their midweek Stableford Sweep despite wet and windy conditions. There’s something life affirming about golf on the north east coast in winter time, the wind whistling through your hair as you regard spectacular views of choppy waters in between assaults on the golf ball. Senior members know this more than most, their decades of experience giving rise to a nonchalant acceptance of whatever the elements bring. Not for them a feeble desertion of SGC just because the wind’s up, instead a steadfast and resolute appearance regardless of the weather.

Speaking of the Seniors, spare a thought for former captain Harry Roulston if you see him floating around the clubhouse in an ankle length dress this week. For the second week running he finished the bridesmaid and not the bride, and to the same man, Colin Arthur,. If the analogy is to be extended, Colin too will be dressed in a wedding gown but perhaps we’ll leave that image there. The idea of them skipping around the bar all frocked up is surely too grotesque for any of us to contemplate. 

The Ladies section also cocked a snook at adverse weather conditions last week, completing a healthy programme of events. Rose Menzies is beginning to appear on my predictive text each time I type ‘R’ when typing up these missives, that’s how often she figures at the top of the leaderboard these days. She triumphed in two of last week’s three competitions and it will surely be a matter of days into the summer season before Rose’s bubble is burst by the Handicap Secretary (there’s a gag in there somewhere involving thorns but I’m not clever enough to put it together).

The week’s results, presented below, include a quite remarkable individual performance in the gross doubles section (if that’s not a contradiction in terms). The player in question had the opportunity to enter the Singles event when his partner couldn’t be bothered to show up, yet, selflessly, decided to represent the team instead. This falling upon the sword cost him dear, his barrage of twos would have mopped up the twos kitty and no mistake, but it’s heartening to find such integrity running through the club. S Cameron might want to ruminate on that next time he represents the team in his partner’s absence because the last time he merely registered a hapless N/R.

Winter League Doubles (Gross)

C Taylor/K Murdoch 63

C Irvine/F Stark 63

H Roulston/N Irvine 66

K Riddell/R McAllan 67

A Russon*****/S Cameron (absent) 68

S Dempster/B McGillivary 68

*single handed, partner didn’t turn up

** despite a ball OB on the 1st

***containing four (4) birdie twos and half a birdie on the 1st

****only a shot poorer than club champion & partner’s combined effort

*****autographs available at reduced rate until end of Feb

Winter League Doubles (Nett)

J Hepburn/D McKay 58

J Neal/D Henderson 60

N MacArthur/G McFarlane 60

Winter League Singles 

Douglas Barnard 40 pts

Raymond Shearer 39 pts

Ross Walker 39 pts

Seniors 14 Hole Sweep 

Div 1 Colin Arthur 32; Harry Roulston 31; Neil Robertson 31.

Div 2 Jerry Sim 34; John Neal 32; Frank Urquhart 31.

Div 3 David Foote 36; Iain Patience 35; William Chalmers 32.

Ladies Winter League 

Rose Menzies 37 pts

Catherine Duncan 33 pts

Jan Bradford 32 pts.

Ladies Eclectic 

Pauline Parker 62

Fiona Lamont 66

Rose Riddell 70

Ladies 12 Hole 

Rose Menzies 29 pts 

Sarah Forbes 26 pts

Fiona Lamont 23 pts