Stonehaven Golf Club Winter League

And lo, it did come to pass that the Winter League reached it’s twentieth week, and verily did the following gladiators step forth to Finals Day on March 19th…


  1. Alex Keith 38.8
  2. Iain Taylor 38.0
  3. Raymond Shearer 37.7
  4. Ross Walker 36.9
  5. Adam Smith 36.8
  6. Robert Hemphill 36.7
  7. Damien Shine 36.4
  8. Neil Cattanach 35.8

The winner will be the golfer with the highest points total on the day when combined with their carried forward league average score (detailed above). With that in mind it’s still all to play for, a hot putting streak from any of the pack giving the front runners reason to tremble. 

Doubles (Gross)

  1. Craig Irvine/ Fraser Stark 61.6
  2. Chris Taylor/Kevin Murdoch 62.7
  3. Stuart Dempster/ Barry McGillivary 63.2
  4. Kevin Riddell / Ross McAllan 64.0

As with the Singles contest, the winners will be the teams with the lowest scores on the day combined with their carried forward league average score. Irvine/Fraser may feel confident but a restless Friday night’s sleep and below average total come Saturday might open the door to other contenders. Riddell/McAllan have proved themselves capable of nurdling it around in 57 this season and a last Taylor/Murdoch hurrah might have them coming up on the rails. The Dempster/McGillivary duo however are rank outsiders, their lame putting an Achilles heel of late as they’ve toiled listlessly into the grand final. They’ve got no chance.

Doubles (Nett)

  1. G McFarlane/N MacArthur 57.7
  2. J Neal/D Henderson 57.9 *
  3. G Lamont/F Lamont 59.0
  4. S Wright/G Ironside 59.5
  5. J Hepburn/ D McKay 59.7

*unable to play, fifth position promoted 

It’s surely fate for the Hepburn/McKay combo to clinch this year’s Doubles Nett title. By rights they should be in Asda this Saturday carrying out the weekly grocery shop, or stripped to the waist on the front drive cleaning the car. However, with the second place duo of Neal/Henderson unable to attend, the fifth placed team duly qualify for the final. There’s only two shots separating the leaders from the back markers so plenty of scope for an upset, particularly if the leaders feel it prudent to consume eight pints and a curry on Friday night.

Good luck to all participants, the rest of the membership salute you for your dedication over the winter months. Winter league is competitive yes, but the positive spirit shared by all competitors is the key to its success and in that respect there’ll be over a hundred winners. 


Seniors 14 Hole Sweep 

Div 1 – M MacArthur 31; R Gilmour 26; T Gilchrist 24.

Div 2 – J McMenemy 31; R Hemphill 31; I Shearer 30.

Div 3 – J Adam 35; R McAlpine 30; D Paton 26.

Ladies 12 Hole Winter League 

F Armstrong 27; F Lamont 25; W Eccles 24

Ladies 18 Hole Winter League 

J Thurlow 36; C Duncan 30; Y Scott 22.