Stonehaven Golf Club Winter League Finale

The winter league’s grand finale was played in favourable conditions last weekend, the weather not entirely in keeping with that endured during the nineteen preceding rounds. With no rain and only a slight wind, conditions were perfect and battle was joined.

The Singles event was decided by the narrowest of margins, Alex Keith triumphing by a single stroke. Recovering splendidly after a spluttering start, he secured victory thanks to a crucial birdie on the penultimate hole. It was a very close run thing given Bob Hemphill’s strong finish but Alex came through to reward a doughty season’s golf with a hard earned trophy.

The Doubles Gross event was close too, the final group sharing a host of birdies from start to finish before Craig Irvine and Fraser Stark emerged victorious. Their final round of 60 was matched by runners up Chris Taylor and Kevin Murdoch, but the aforementioned had carried a narrow accumulative lead into the final. If heartbreaking defeat wasn’t sufficient, Chris Taylor was promptly handed the camera with which to take a snap of the gurning winners (below). Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. You don’t see Roger Federer asking Novak Djokovic to say ‘cheese’ moments after he’s been vanquished in the Wimbledon final. There’s clearly no room for sentiment at SGC, it’s bare knuckle competition and no mistake.

The Doubles Nett event saw Neil MacArthur and Graeme McFarlane fend off Stuart Wright & Gordon Ironside in a remarkable final round, none of the four remaining pairings scoring worse than 58. It took a closing round of 56 for the eventual winners to claim the trophy after the runners up closed their season with a 55 ( but losing thanks to a slightly inferior aggregated total).

And so ends a splendid winter campaign, well over a hundred competitors having girded up their loins to face the brutality of bone chilling temperatures in which to play golf. Their reward is the promise of another summer season following the intervention of next Saturday’s warm up event. Pack away the tammies people, and set those thermals aside, shorts and suncream will soon be the order of the day. 

Final Winter League Standings 


  1. Alex Keith 74.8 
  2. Robert Hemphill 74.7
  3. Iain Taylor 73.0
  4. Adam Smith 71.9
  5. Ian Shearer 71.4
  6. Raymond Shearer 70.7
  7. Brian Hardstaff 68.7
  8. Ross Walker 67.8

(Stableford  – aggregation of season average & final round score)

Doubles (Gross)

  1. Craig Irvine/ Fraser Stark 121.6
  2. Chris Taylor/Kevin Murdoch 122.7
  3. Stuart Dempster/ Barry McGillivray 129.2
  4. Kevin Riddell / Ross McAllan 133.0

(Strokeplay – aggregation of season average & final round score)

Doubles (Nett)

  1. Graeme McFarlane/Neil MacArthur 113.7
  2. Stuart Wright/Gordon Ironside 114.5
  3. Jim Hepburn/ Dave McKay 116.8
  4. Gordon Lamont/Fiona Lamont 117.0

(Stableford  – aggregation of season average & final round score)

Other Results 

Winter Sweep

Bob McAlpine 42; Ali Robertson 39; Raymond Shearer 39.

Senior 14 Hole Sweep 

Div 1 – R Haddock 32; T Gilchrist 31; D Barnard 29.

Div 2 – D McRea 34; R Shearer 33; D Cameron 27.

Div 3 – K Henderson 31; G Forrester 31; D Foote 31.

Ladies Winter League 18 Hole

Catherine Duncan 64; Fiona Lamont 65; Ragnhild Ericsson 66.

Ladies Winter League 12 Hole

Janet Owen 28; Fiona Armstrong 25; Ailsa McMenemy 25.

Ladies Winter League 9 Hole

Penny Johnston 30; Evelyn Gilmour 32; Jacqui Blackburn 32.