New season beckons for Stonehaven Golf Club

Stonehaven Golf Club’s calendar is split it into two seasons; Summer and Winter. So while it may seem peculiar to declare, in March, that the Summer season is upon us, this is in fact the case. The first Innes Medal is this Saturday, the tee sheet booked solid as members lick their lips at the prospect of another season’s golf.

March is a time for Spring cleaning, but not of the domestic variety. We don’t pull on marigolds or reach for feather dusters, instead we’re to be found in our back gardens, scrubbing irons and polishing putters. The lawns of Stonehaven will be strewn therefore with a host of golfing implements this week as players clean clubs and re-stock their golf bags. It’s a precious matter the arrangement of one’s golf bag, we all have our idiosyncrasies when deciding which pockets should house which items. Old fashioned bags of yesteryear had only two zips behind which to store your gear; one for your waterproofs and another for everything else. Modern day bags however have more zips than a punk rocker’s leather jacket, a myriad of nooks and crannies in which to place our limitless paraphernalia (balls, tees, gloves, pencils, markers, pitchmark repairers, caps, towels, cyanide…). 

Most golfers are particular about the location of their various utensils, but not all. Every fourball will boast its resident bumpkin, fetching themself onto the first tee barely seconds before the allotted tee time only to ferret around their golf bag in search of a ball, tees and a glove. I must confess I’m one such, it’s usually the fourth hole before I’ve gathered myself, by which time my score’s shot to pieces.

So as we enter yet another season in Stonehaven Golf Club’s proud 134 year history it remains only to wish every member well, enjoy your golf and make the most of a treasured venue which provides countless memories for countless people year after year. 


Warm Up Stroke

C Watt 60; I Shearer 62; A Officer 63.

Senior Stableford

C Arthur 43; R McAlpine 42; D Foote 39.

Ladies Winter League 

J Hunt 43; C Duncan 38; Y Scott 37.

Ladies 12 Hole Winter League 

J Bradford 30; R Menzies 29; W Lawrence 28.

Ladies Eclectic (18)

Y Scott 65; P Parker 65; R Ericsson 66.

Ladies Eclectic (9)

J Blackburn 30; P Leiper 31; E Gilmour 32.