Stonehaven Golf Club latest

Stonehaven Golf Club’s summer season kicked off at the weekend, the gruelling winter  consigned, mercifully, to history. It wasn’t summer weather mind you with chilly conditions facing the 123 competitors lining up at the starting blocks for the campaign’s first Innes Medal. 

The Medal was split into three divisions according to handicap, however the winning scores remained uniform across the three categories. A score of 63 won two divisions and a fine 62 the other, the narrowly beaten podium takers all within spitting distance of the winners. Very often Division 3, and sometimes 2, is won by a score in the fifties, but the relatively small field and first knockings upon an elongated course seemed to curb the scoring. 

Kiefer Brown was the embodiment of consistency in winning Division 1, parring every single hole bar the ninth, which he birdied. I remember Nick Faldo winning an Open Championship with eighteen straight pars to the consternation of the commentators who felt he’d denied spectators satisfactory entertainment. I don’t know what their problem was, I’d take a wall of pars any day of the week and I’m sure you would too. 

In Division 2, Dave Allan also recorded a solitary birdie on his way to success, albeit without quite the same number of pars in accompaniment as Kiefer Brown, and Alex Keith greedily notched two birdies when securing victory in the third division. I don’t know why I’m fixated on the birdie count, it’s immaterial really, but if the sport of tennis gives kudos to aces served, I suppose we ought to do the same with birdies. 

The midweek Stableford was a close run thing with Brian Andrew coming out on top thanks to two birdies (I’m obsessed) in the last four holes and the two Ladies Eclectic competitions were also won narrowly, Catherine Duncan (three birdies) and Jacqui Blackburn emerging victorious. The season is up and running, all we need now is the weather to come to the party.

Innes Medal

Div 1 – K Brown 63; C Arthur 65; A Smith 65.

Div 2 – D Allan 62; G Donovan 65; D Shine 65.

Div 3 – A Keith 63; J Nowak 64; M Innes 64.

Midweek Stableford

B Andrew 39; R Armstrong 39; B Shepherd 38.

Ladies 18 Hole Eclectic

C Duncan 64; R Menzies 65; J Bradford 65.

Ladies 9 Hole Eclectic

J Blackburn 33; J Mackintosh 34; E Gilmour 36.