Stonehaven Golf Club this week

This weekend finds Stonehaven Golf Club hosting its annual Open Day, welcoming visitors looking to begin their respective golfing journeys. Allcomers are welcome from 11am – 1pm on Sunday April 24th and refreshments will be laid on as guests find out more about beginners’ coaching packages and the special membership offers available. It’s always a relaxed occasion and if you’d like to invite somebody along just ask them to drop the club a line on, or call 01569 762124.

Let’s hope the weather is kinder this weekend than last when thick fog accounted for Saturday’s scheduled competition. The skies were as clear as a bell when players gathered early in the morning but by 10am the klaxon was being sounded and the competition aborted. There really was no alternative in the midst of a full on pea souper. You know you’ve got problems when you crouch down to tee up only to discover you can no longer see the ball when you return to your full height. The Willie Watt round one qualifier was therefore postponed and will be played this Saturday instead.

Despite play being brought to a premature end, there was still room for hijinks in the opening groups, the most harrowing story being the five putt by S Dempster on the 13th green. It’s a tough watch when someone’s zig zagging around the hole trying to convert putts, you don’t know whether to offer words of consolation or keep your counsel. In my experience, well intentioned offerings fall on deaf ears so you’re better off letting the tumbleweed and awkward silence flow. A poor approach putt had left Stuart with a three footer for bogey which he muffed and, in his frustration, he attempted to convert the subsequent putt one handed. This resulted in a good old fashioned ‘Hale Irwin’, a fresh air waft, which maddened him sufficiently to ram his next effort so hard, from point blank range, that it clattered the flagstick and rebounded to his feet. Eventually, once the pantomime was finally complete, a 7 was scribbled onto his scorecard and the threeball walked up to the 14th tee in deathly silence.  There’s a time and a place for conversation, Barry McGillivary & Michael Wood decided this wasn’t it. 

It’s happened to us all, and worse. I remember playing with my Uncle Eric Soutar back in the 80s. He four putted the gully’s opening hole and in a fit of peak hurled his putter onto the railway line, serenading its journey with a litany of expletives, before despatching me to retrieve it. He had a gammy leg so couldn’t scale the fence and dear old Francis Hart was in no condition to either. I took my life into my hands that day but Eric looked ready to throttle the nearest thing to him that boasted a pulse, so I took the safer bet.


Wednesday Stroke

A Stewart 64; A Darragh 64; A Martin 65.

9 Hole Stableford

S Crabb 21; B McGillivray 18; J Hunter 17.

Senior Medal

Div 1 – N Irvine 66; J Hepburn 67; S McGhie 68.

Div 2 – C Gordon 60; G Daun 67; J McMenemy 67.

Div 3 – I Carnie 66; D Foote 68; R Armstrong 68.

Ladies Medal 

Div 1 – W Lawrence 68; J Bradford 71; F Armstrong 71.

Div 2 – R Menzies 65; M Skidmore 68; T McKenzie 71.

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford

P Johnston 19; A Byars 15; J Mackintosh 9.

Junior Medal

B Cranstoun 66; T Dingwall 67; J Killoh 77.