Stonehaven Golf Club

Attributing your golfing performance to the weather is something of a double edged sword. It’s fine in the winter, when your nett 75 is ‘accomplished’ with sleet slanting into you at right angles, the weather a readymade excuse. But what’s your alibi in conditions as splendid as those enjoyed last week? Cloudless blue skies, the wind no more than a breeze, the course seemingly there for the taking. 

In this vein, 33 of the 103 competitors in Saturday’s Innes Medal took full advantage, achieving par or better. Neil Robertson finished top of the shop in Division 1 with a nett 62, he may be one of the senior members of the club but has a game that shows no sign of deterioration. Division 2 saw Peter Nellany triumphing, also with a 62, and Division 3 was topped by Charles Watts’ thanks to his second successive 61 in a week (there’s a handicap destined for decimation if ever there was one). 

There can be no finer sight than the views from SGC’s 14th green, particularly when your tee shot has alighted next to the cup. The attached photo found my Saturday playing partners (J Hunter & S Mitchell) jigging with delight once they’d completed the gruelling walk from tee to green to discover the outcome of their efforts. The cigars soon followed when both drained their birdie putts.

I don’t know if you enter the ‘twos’ every week, a sideline comp with a £2 entry fee, a share of the kitty awarded to all those achieving a two (unless a hole-in-one trumps it). This week there wasn’t sufficient credit on my account when I logged into HDID before my round, so I couldn’t enter. I therefore found myself torn when addressing birdie putts on 13, 14 and 15; eager to hole them for scorecard purposes but also reluctant to lose out on a share of the booty. In the event I needn’t have worried, I muffed them all and only refer to the occurrence in order to brag to you that I hit three consecutive par 3’s in regulation 😁.

This week is showing signs of continued fine weather. Enjoy the conditions, enjoy your golf and keep those great scores coming!


Innes Medal 

Div 1 – N Robertson 62; C Irvine 63; R Duncan 63

Div 2 – P Nellany 62, R Walker 63; J Meanen 63

Div 3 – C Watt 61; R Gordon 61; W Garden 62

Wednesday Medal 

Div 1 – G Graham 62; D Bell 63; S Innes 64; K Riddell 65; A Russon 65

Div 2 – J Walker 62, C Gordon 63; D Lorimer 64

Div 3 – I Mearns 58; C Watt 61; G Wood 62

9 Hole Stableford

Z Danelius 21; G Jack 20; K Duguid 18

Ladies Medal 

Div 1 – W Lawrence 64; R Riddell 74; L Molloy 76

Div 2 – M Campbell 65; M Skidmore 71; E Powell 72

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford

J Mackintosh 19; J Blackburn 17; P Johnston 13

Ladies 4Ball Betterball

E Gilmour/M Crothers 59; C Duncan/J Blackburn 63; J Hunt/W Lawrence 66