Stonehaven Golf Club

The briefest of squints at last week’s scores indicate the contrasting conditions experienced in the two key Men’s events. Both competitions enjoyed sunshine but Wednesday’s light breeze gave way on Saturday to gusty winds resulting in a ten shot differential between the respective winning scores.

Roy Gammack battled hard for his winning 64 at the weekend, the ferocious winds blowing the ball hither and thither, wobbling competitors around like jelly on a plate. Standing on the most exposed place of the course, the 12th green, it was a job to remain vertical never mind avoid an ignominious three-putt. Congratulations then to Roy for a sterling performance in a prodigious buffeting.

Back in the days of Grandstand and World Of Sport, the vidiprinter would type certain results in words, not just digits, in case viewers assumed them to be incorrect. For example, if a team won 7-0 it’d become 7 (seven) – 0. You’ll appreciate then why last week’s Wednesday Stroke result is presented as it is, otherwise you’d think I’d been on the sauce.

Beating one’s handicap is the key objective when a player steps onto the first tee, or simply to equal it. To lacerate it by twelve strokes however is just plain rude, yet that’s precisely what Duncan McRae managed to do. Playing off a handicap of 19 (nineteen) he nurdled his ball around the course in just 73 blows, wiping the floor with the field. A remarkable feat, seemingly celebrated with gusto given he was a full shot per hole worse on the Saturday, notching a 91! Golf has a habit of biting you on the bottom, it revels in taking revenge. Well done for Wednesday though Duncan.

The Seniors Section’s annual 2 Clubs and Putter event saw excellent scoring too. It’s surprising how scores are only marginally affected despite eleven clubs being removed from the bag. This format favours the more creative of players and in this regard Graham King proved himself to be SGC’s artist in residence with a triumphant 43 points. Just call him Rembrandt.

Centenary Trophy
R Gammack 64; R Bell 64; C Arthur 65.

Wednesday Stroke
D McRae 54 (fifty four); J Halliday 61; S Mitchell 61.

9 Hole Stableford
M Gaskin 22; M Innes 21; R Walker 21.

Senior 2 Clubs & Putter
G King 43; R Leggate 39; I Carnie 37.

Ladies Medal
Div 1 – F Armstrong 66; C Duncan 67; L Molloy 69.
Div 2 – A McMenemy 66; T McKenzie 66; M Crothers 67.

Ladies AD Medal
W Lawrence 63; F Armstrong 66; C Duncan 67.

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford
J Mackintosh 19; A Byars 14; P Johnston 13.

Ladies Hidden Team Stableford
A McMenemy, F Sim and R Riddell – 95 pts

(*photograph depicts my drive outdistancing Scott Cameron’s on the 12th, Scott being one of SGC’s reputed ‘beasts off the tee’. Okay so neither ball’s on the fairway but let’s not be churlish)