Stonehaven Golf Club – Ladies Championship

The first club championship of the season was completed at the weekend, the Ladies Section doing battle over three rounds. Conditions for the first two rounds were pleasant but a punishing wind on Sunday buffeted the competitors big style on a very demanding afternoon.

There were four players within five shots of the lead going into Sunday with multi-time winner Fiona Lamont only three shots further adrift, so it was all to play for. Erin Herd (just 16 years old) had lead with 73,77 in the opening rounds but it was Fiona Sim who careered to the top of the shop with a splendid closing round of 70 which included an eagle and two birdies. To score 70 on any day is good but to achieve it in the wind with the championship at stake was a tremendous performance, even more so when you consider she came home in 32. The Handicap Trophy was won by Sue Calder with a three round net total of 204 and young Molly Skidmore, only fourteen years of age, won the Bronze Scratch competition, a superb achievement for someone so young.

The Men’s championship starts this weekend, culminating next Friday evening after four rounds of strokeplay. Kevin Riddell is the defending champion but several players line up with a realistic chance this year, not least the Irvines (Neil & Craig), looking to add to their catalogue of triumphs. Last Saturday’s Medal offered a final opportunity foe competitors to prepare for the main event but only three achieved sub 70 scores, a few herberts need to up their game if they’re to challenge then. Take the current champ for one, he honked the place out with a lamentable 80 last week and will need to buck his ideas up if he’s to make the cut never mind retain the crown.

The party piece during Saturday’s Medal was performed by Barry McGillivray who achieved a remarkable run of three consecutive birdie twos on holes 13, 14 and 15. Before you congratulate him too lustily though, and I should know cos I played with him, keep in mind that he bladed a chip shot into the hole on 13 and had a rank pull off the tee on 15 rewarded with a member’s bounce off the bank to six feet. Indeed his only good shot in this birdie barrage was on the 14th and even that was bettered by my own effort which finished inside his. Thankfully Barry’s too grippy to enter the twos so gets nothing for his efforts other than our hearty congratulation. For my part however, I ponied up my two quid so my solitary two (14th) provided me with a share of the spoils 😊.

Good luck to all taking part in the club championship. Our captain’s motto is ‘grip it and rip it’, not something I’d advocate in truth and perhaps reason in itself why he’ll not be one of the challengers. ‘Drive for show, putt for dough’ my old Senior/Junior partner Francis Hart used to say and I suggest you go with that instead.


Ladies Championship (Scratch)
Fiona E Sim 225; Erin Herd 229; Rose Riddell 231

Ladies Championship Scratch Bronze Medal

Molly Skidmore 199

Ladies Championship (Handicap)

Sue Calder 204; Catherine Duncan 204; Molly Skidmore 199 (*but won the Scratch Bronze already)

Ruby Stephen Mixed Foursomes

R Riddell/R McAllan 65.5; C Duncan/C Mitchell 66; J Thurley/J Thurley 66

Mens’ Medal

G Sangster 61; D Thurley 62; C Watt 64

Wednesday Stroke

D Ramage 62; M Cockerell 63; J Thurlow 63

Senior Medal

Div 1 – B Hunter 62; C Arthur 64; S Wright 66

Div 2 – P Nellany 65; R Haddock 66; R Shearer 68

Div 3 – D Foote 63; R Armstrong 64; I Carnie 66

9 Hole StablefordT

G Jack 19; G Donovan 17; D Allan 16