Falklands Memorial Tribute

By Jane Cruickshank / June 22, 2022
a piper is silhouetted against the war memorial

IT was a windswept War Memorial that saw a band of folk gathering to hear a lone-piper’s tribute on Saturday.

Peter Hendry played three tunes in memory of all who served in the Falklands War, and of Stonehaven-born Pipe Major James Riddell, who with the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Guard fought in the final, decisive battle of the conflict before playing a newly-composed ‘The Crags of Mount Tumbledown Mountain’ atop the taken heights.

Mr Hendry noted the impact of war on those who served – and on those left behind at home. His comments resonated with one local who had walked up to the Memorial to observe the tribute – David MacDonald’s son Kenny retired as a Staff Sergeant in the Royal Engineers in September 2017 after twenty two years of ‘holidays in such exotic places’ as Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr MacDonald told The Bellman: ”In January 1999, he was part of a Troop which was flown to Stanley to extend and reinforce the runway there, and he sent us this picture of a visit to the military cemetery there (overlooked by Mount Tumbledown) where many of the dead of the conflict on both sides are buried.”

He added: ”The picture quality was never of the best but it does show the extent of part of  that cemetery. The utter futility of war!”