Stonehaven Golf Club Championship

The halfway stage of the club championship has been reached with two familiar names peeking down from the top of the leaderboard. Two-time winner Kevin Riddell leads the way after consecutive 67s in windy weekend conditions and just two shots behind sits Craig Irvine, himself a six-time winner and scorer of the best round so far (64). 

Three players wait in the wings should the top two slip up; Kiefer Brown (four shots off the lead), Fraser Stark (six adrift) and Kevin Murdoch (a further one). Five others remain within ten of the lead but would likely need consecutive lifetime bests to win the event and that’s provided those at the top implode, unlikely. Twenty four entrants have the glory of having made the cut but in truth more than half are just there for the sandwiches served up after the winner holes out on Friday night 🙂.

There’s no hiding place these days with the HowDidIDo app providing a hole-by-hole account of every competitor’s performance, it’s fun though to rummage through and pull out some quirky statistics. In the second round for example Bruce Ferguson served up a bogey sandwich having parred the first and last five holes but bogeyed the intervening eight, in a kamikaze round of golf Steve Guzik decorated his card with three birdies and four double bogies and a plethora of eights and nines were run up by a collection of competitors who’ll remain nameless (although Damien Shine’s ten on the 10th in the first round deserves a special mention). Birdie-meister so far is Sam Wright who’s amassed seven of them and if you’ve still got the will to live and want more stats, just drop me an email, I love it 😁. 

The third round is on Wednesday evening and the final groups usually come down the stretch from 8pm on Friday if you’d like to come and support the players as the last knockings are played out. It’s a good view from the clubhouse, treat yourself to a glass of something cold and take it all in with us. 

Standings after two rounds…

  1. Kevin Riddell 134 (67,67)
  2. Craig Irvine 136 (72,64)
  3. Kiefer Brown 138 (70,68)
  4. Fraser Stark 140 (70,70)
  5. Kevin Murdoch 141 (70,71)
  6. Michael Wood 143 (70,73)
  7. Sam Wright 144 (77,67)
  8. Bruce Ferguson 144 (70,74)
  9. Iain Brattey 144 (70,74)
  10. Ross McAllan 144 (68,76)