Stonehaven Golf Club this week

(*photo depicts Neil Cattanach’s knees knocking on the 14th tee, his partner Chris Nicholl out of shot while looking the other way)

It’s the week of the Open Championship and St Andrews awaits a deluge of two hundred thousand spectators over coming days. Many of the visitors will be Stonehaven members looking to watch global stars and observe how golf should really be played. For others it’s four full days in front of the gogglebox with only visits to the fridge, kettle and lavatory by way of interruption. Either way, it’s the best week in golf.

Back here at Stoney, the main Gents event last week was the JM Adamson Greensomes, an alternate shot format to test even the strongest of friendships. It’s fun to snigger at your golfing buddies misfortune during a standard Saturday Medal, it’s less entertaining when you’re having to pick up the pieces each time said buddy dumps you in the cart. Sneak a peek at next weekend’s teesheet if you don’t believe me. Guys who routinely play together every Saturday suddenly find themselves unavailable cos they’re washing their hair. Even if they have none.

One bromance that promises to blossom however is that between Duncan McRae and Stanley Mitchell who triumphed with a net 58. Rumours of their engagement may be premature but if true I hope their fellow competitors are invited to the wedding. Not that myself and David Thurley will be attending, we’re at daggers drawn having honked out the 16th out with a grotesque 8 while on course for a 58 ourselves. The entire hole was a fiasco; dissent over which drive to select, subsequently taking turns in the same bunker down by the 3rd green, each fluffing chips in an attempt to reach the dancefloor. It was grotesque, our 3,3 finish merely rubbing salt into the wound, our winning speech already torn into a thousand pieces.

It’s been a busy week for the Ladies section with no less than five events taking place. Penny Johnston hoovered up two trophies and the weekly Medal was won by Fiona Armstrong (Div 1) and Kathleen Groundwater (Div 2).

The Junior Section saw Jamie Sutherland follow up a sound performance in the Men’s Club Championship with a five stroke victory in the Medal. Another club championship qualifier (Thomas Dingwall) finished third as they sandwiched Joe Lindeman between them. The Junior section continues to thrive and they now have six weeks wall to wall golf to look forward to during the school holidays. What it would be to be young again eh?


JM Adamson Greensomes

D McRae/S Mitchell 58; F Urquhart/S McGhie 60; C Steel/B Wood 60

Wednesday Medal

Div 1 – M Wiseman 58; R Gilmour 64; S McGhie 65

Div 2 – R Shearer 62; G Ironside 62; C Gordon 65

Div 3 – J Wiseman 55; E Dickie 64; J Stephen 64

Seniors Stableford

R Leggate 41; J Adam 39; J Findlay 38

9 Hole Stableford

M Innes 18; M Gaskin 18; R Hampson 17

Ladies Medal

Div 1 – F Armstrong 67; R Riddell 69; JL Kennedy 69

Div 2 – K Groundwater 65; A Henderson 68; J Needham 71

Ladies Innes Majority Final

B Kakebeeke-2; W Lawrence-3; J Needham -3

Ladies Par Competition

T McKenzie-2; JL Kennedy -2; F Armstrong-3

Ladies 9 Hole Par Competition

P Johnston-1; J Mackintosh-2; P Leiper-4

Ladies 9 Hole Stableford

P Johnston 20; P Leiper 18; J Mackintosh 16

Junior Medal

J Sutherland 66; J Lindeman 71; T Dingwall 72