Stonehaven Golf Club

Club golfers are creatures of habit, routinely playing in the same twoballs and threeballs week after week, joined at the hip to those with whom they’ve frequented the fairways for years. Angus Martin for example has the misfortune of sharing Stoney’s eighteen holes with me most Wednesday afternoons and likewise, I’m simultaneously forced to tolerate his moribund  ‘brand’ of golf. It’s usually a relentless three hour slapping and chunking exhibition from Angus, a liberal sprinkling of three stabs thrown in for good measure. Recent decades haven’t been kind to his game, but last week he triumphantly reversed his fortunes, winning the midweek Stableford with a 43 point haul and thereby issuing a reminder that he does indeed know one end of a club from another.

It’s been a long season for Angus, some would say lamentable. The case for the prosecution is damning; his handicap has risen back to double figures, his grotesque putting yips have returned and he’s developed a penchant for despatching golf balls over the cliffs. But for all that, for one fine afternoon in beautiful  August sunshine, he couldn’t go wrong, keeping his ball on the golf course and alighting upon greens in regulation. After months watching his putting through my fingers, I was finally able to observe him without wincing. Congratulations Angus on a fine round of 70 and welcome back to former glories. I believe the last time you broke level fours you celebrated with a pint in The Starry, I wonder if you also followed it up with a no-return in the next competition as you did on Saturday?.

The Matchplay tournaments are drawing to a close with all having reached final or semifinal status. Regrettably it highlights the fact that we’re nearing the end of another season but a fine season it’s been with terrific weather and many epic rounds of golf recorded. Stroke play events continue however, Saturday’s Innes Medal taken by G McFarlane (Div I), W McEwan (Div II) and J Elsey (Div III) on a day of very good scoring.

The Ladies Section treated themselves to a competition by the name of a Floridean 3ball last week. I’ve never heard of such an event but assume they didn’t fly to Miami to contest it. Perhaps the rules required them to compete in sunglasses with occasional breaks for a dip in the sea? If it was played on Floridean turf it sounds idyllic, just remind me not to enter if there’s a Wolverhamptean version though.


Innes Medal
Div 1 – G McFarlane 63; C Taylor 63; B McGillivray 64
Div 2 – W McEwan 60; P Nellany 62; D Daun 63
Div 3 – J Elsey 62; G Staff 63; R Abernethy 63

Midweek Stableford
A Martin 43; C Shearer 41; D Lorimer 41

9 Hole Stableford
M Innes 17; D Hepburn 17; S Mitchell 17

Ladies Daily Mail Foursomes
A McMenemy/P Droy 62

Ladies Stableford
P Parker 36; S Henderson 35; M Duncan 33

Ladies Floridian 3ball
J Thurlow/M Duncan/F Armstrong 56.

Junior 9 Hole Stableford Final
M Skidmore 19; D Moseley 14; F Skidmore 9