Stonehaven Golf Club this week

Without wishing to sound indelicate, it’s been a week for the club’s more ‘experienced’ golfers here at Stonehaven. The club boasts a thriving youth fellowship and there’s a very healthy middle aged spread, if that’s not a contradiction in terms, but it was the turn of those advancing somewhat in years to scoop the silverware this week.

The Senior Medal Final was always destined to nestle in the lap of a silver haired veteran given its very nature, but it was no surprise to find Neil Irvine enjoying its possession. He was pushed close though, the victory margin couldn’t have been slimmer with both Robert Armstrong & Frank Urquhart only a solitary stroke behind Neil’s nett 66.

The Ladies also had their Medal Final, Jan Hunt winning the first division and Morag Duncan the second. I’d like at this point to disassociate myself from earlier comments made regarding age. My mother brought me up never to mention a woman’s age, but that said, the respective winners’ grandmother status kind of tells its own story if I might make so bold. Congratulations to Jan and, in particular, Morag who enjoyed a whopping twelve shot victory.

Narrow victories from elder statesman continued in the Mens events; the Saturday Stroke and Midweek Stableford. David Thurley sneaked a win in the Stroke with a fine nett 3-under par return and Stuart Campbell put his vast golfing experience to good use with an equally splendid 39 point score in the Stableford. The silver and bronze medal winners sitting closely behind Stuart could also claim to have left spring chicken status behind them some time ago. If they don’t know their way around the course by now they never will.

In closing I should offer an apology. I claimed a couple of weeks ago that any muppet could demonstrate a brief burst of form in order to win the midweek 9 Hole Stableford, only half a competition to my mind and not one to write home about. This week’s results proved me wrong however, a paltry 16 points enough to win it, and third place ‘achieved’ with a feeble 13 point haul incorporating a grotesque triple bogey on the 2nd. The 9 Hole Stableford continues to plummet in my estimations. You don’t need a winning speech for it, if you did, it would surely last longer than the event itself.


Senior Medal Final

N Irvine 66; R Armstrong 67; F Urquhart 67.

Saturday Stroke

D Thurley 63; B Wood 64; J Walker 65.

Wednesday Stableford

S Campbell 39; N Munro 38; I Shearer 37.

9 Hole Stableford

M Gaskin 16; S Mitchell 14; M Wood 13.

Ladies Medal Final

Div 1 – J Bradford 66; C Duncan 70; W Lawrence 70.

Div 2 – M Duncan 65; P Droy 77; A McMenemy 79.

Ladies Medal

Div 1 – Y Scott 69; C Duncan 73; JL Kennedy 76

Div 2 – J Hunt 68; A McMenemy 73; B Kakebeeke 76.

Ladies Scotch Foursomes Results

C Duncan/F Currie 69; F Lamont/M Samuel 72.5; D Seery/M Campbell 72.5.

Junior 9 Hole Eclectic

F Skidmore 15; R Milne 10; D Moseley 6.

Reporter – Alex Russon