Clear Signal of Support

By Jane Cruickshank / December 15, 2022
exterior shot of the sandstone sea cadet building

STONEHAVEN and District Community Council gave their backing this week to a proposed asset transfer of the former Sea Cadet building on the High Street so it can be dedicated to youth activities.

While now a councillor representing Stonehaven and Lower Deeside, Dawn Black, addressed the meeting as founder and trustee of Kincardine and Mearns Youth Clubs. The group established last year is now a registered charity with youth club sessions in Stonehaven and Portlethen – and hopes for one in Laurencekirk.

Stonehaven’s youth club meets each Friday evening in the Community Centre where they use two rooms that also accommodate other groups at other times. At Tuesday evening’s meeting Ms Black told members her ambition was to create a dedicated space where young people could take ownership and have access at times to suit a range of young users.

She said the vacant Sea Cadet building was available at the moment but might be sold by the local authority if it were not earmarked by a local group for a Community Asset Transfer – though in this instance, it is a long lease that is wanted rather than ownership.

Ms Black described the opportunities offered by the different rooms within the building – and the difficulties posed by its ‘sad and neglected’ condition.

”It wll be very challenging but the town needs to have a youth club,” she said.

Community Council – ‘we are all behind it’

Jim Stephen said: ”Looking at the Cadet hall, it is an old building and if we don’t do something we are going to lose it.

”I am fully supportive of these proposals. Stonehaven has gone without a youth club for years.”

Ian Hunter said: ”We are all totally behind it. The Community Centre is not a suitable place for a youth club.

”We need to get it away from the Council so the youngsters have a real feeling of ownership.”

And chairman David Lawman summed up the feeling of his colleagues by wording a motion that won unanimous support.

He said: ”Stonehaven and District Community Council support the local youth club with their plans to have an asset transfer of the building.”

He added: ”We are all behind it.”