Football innit

By Alex Russon / March 10, 2023

When I was a lad I was rotten at football, just a clogger. “ You couldn’t trap a bag of cement Russon” my PE teacher would inform me as another pass cannoned off my kneecaps. I soon dropped the notion of becoming a professional footballer and plumped for mediocre golf instead.

My son Ernie can play football though, he’s a proper player in a well run club, whereas his Dad was a carthorse making up the numbers in a woeful school team. I’m very proud of him, and of the other 16 lads in the Montrose Youth 2013s set-up. They’re a solid bunch who train and practice to become the best they can be, enjoying their sport and forging strong friendships. Similarly, Stonehaven boasts a tremendous youth football set-up and, like Montrose, the town has many committed coaches to thank for their tireless efforts in providing a space for kids to enjoy their football.

Ernie and me have written a book to inspire young footballers and raise funds for the upkeep of the club. It’s a light hearted account of a season with Montrose Youth and we’d be thrilled if you’d buy one.

They’re available here and serve as excellent door stoppers or kitchen table leg steadiers once read 😬