Where is the Respect?

A resounding silence echoing from Woodhill House remains the only response thus far received by The Bellman to its repeated requests for information about the recent £1.8 million participatory budgeting process and its outcome.

In addition to the questions aired in previous stories, I have asked for clarification on other matters including the budget source of the solar panels proposed for the leisure centre. Many of these questions should be easily answered and any erroneous speculation quickly halted.

In making enquiry of our local authority, this hyperlocal news website is performing an essential function of a wholesome democracy – public interest reporting.

The NUJ, of which I am a member, defines public interest as:

  1. The public interest includes:
    1. Detecting or exposing crime or a serious misdemeanour;
    2. Protecting public health and safety;
    3. Preventing the public from being misled by some statement or action of an individual or organisation;
    4. Exposing misuse of public funds or other forms of corruption by public bodies;
    5. Revealing potential conflicts of interest by those in positions of power and influence;
    6. Exposing corporate greed;
    7. Exposing hypocritical behaviour by those holding high office.

I don’t expect praise or thanks for my endeavours, but I would appreciate respect – for me and for you.

Does Aberdeenshire Council respect our Community Council?

We shall find out on Tuesday evening, when chair David Lawman presents the response received to the following letter to our local authority’s highest office.

Feature image – floor cleaning is needed before safe basket ball. Some things cannot just be swept under a carpet.