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Where is the Respect?

By bellmannews / April 5, 2023

A resounding silence echoing from Woodhill House remains the only response thus far received by The Bellman to its repeated requests for information about the recent £1.8 million participatory budgeting process and its outcome. In addition to the questions aired in previous stories, I have asked for clarification on other matters including the budget source […]


Missed Opportunity & A Waste of Money

By bellmannews / April 4, 2023

ABERDEENSHIRE Council continues its campaign of silence on questions surrounding last year’s £1.8 million participatory budgeting process. Meanwhile, Jackie Bruce has written about her experience as a member of the reference group that was supposed to help steer the selection of projects offered for the vote. Dear Bellman As vice chairperson of Stonehaven Community Sports […]


Still No Answers

By Jane Cruickshank / April 3, 2023

ANOTHER day has passed with Live Life Abereenshire choosing to bury its head in the sand rather than answer valid questions about the process and outcome of last year’s participatory budgeting exercise. The resounding silence can only be due to a disdain for a local news outlet – or because The Bellman has unearthed a […]


Leisure Centre Spend Scandal

By Jane Cruickshank / April 1, 2023

ABERDEENSHIRE Council bosses are stonewalling questions over a £1.4 million Stonehaven Leisure Centre investment bringing no more than a PAMIS Changing Places toilet, a small gym extension and – some windows. An ‘upgrade’ to Stonehaven leisure centre was the winning project in last year’s participatory budgeting exercise aimed at bringing much-needed additional leisure facilities to […]