Bible message – Stonehaven Baptist Church

By Alex Russon / January 22, 2024

Stonehaven Baptist Church is just one of many churches in Stonehaven to which you are welcome. Here’s a summary of the message from last Sunday’s service which focussed on just two verses from the bible’s book of Romans. Each week a preacher unwraps a specific portion of the bible, delving deeper within the printed word to help us understand God’s message. Food for the soul!

Romans 8 : 26 – 27

God’s glory of creation; nature, the stars, a newborn baby, they’re all wonderful sights to behold, yet God himself is invisible so people are moved to question his reality. You can’t see, touch or hear God, belief in Him is therefore challenged. That’s fine, he gave us the gift of free will and he can take our doubts, indeed none doubted more than Jesus’ very own disciple of the time, Thomas. But who is your God if not this one? A man-made religion? A celebrity? Money? We all worship someone or something.

In the case of Christians, commitment is to God alone. The result of such faith is to receive God’s holy spirit within ourselves, and look to him to transform our lives of hitherto self serving effort, which very often flounder, and instead give us fulfilling, peace filled lives. But what does such a life look like? Well, when in full effect, pride and conceit leave us and we stop ‘acting up’, no longer giving it the big one with puffed up perceptions of ourselves. We learn to accept that perhaps we aren’t all that we’ve cracked ourselves up to be and don’t have all the answers. Releasing the reigns to our lives, we instead invite God’s holy spirit to enter in, guide our thoughts and actions and lead us into the green pastures described in Psalm 23, and the accompanying quiet waters by.

Does this create a trouble free life of perfection? No, trials and tribulations will always abound, but we have a friend and advocate to steer, guide and support us, we’re never alone, God being not only with us but as we learned from today’s passage (Romans 8:26-27), within us. His holy spirit isn’t interested in our self assumed ‘strength’, he knows our imperfections, and once we concede that we are in fact fearful, lost, at sea, weak, ie. once we surrender, then he can begin a work in us.

‘Let go and let God’ is a throwaway line I’ve struggled with over the years, offered by well intentioned friends when I’ve been grappling with a big decision, a difficult relationship or dealing with an issue that seemingly I had no control over. Letting go and letting God is easier said than done and I didn’t need a twee or trite one liner to put me in my place. Yet the older I get and the more mistakes I make, the bigger messes I endure, most of which I’ve diligently carved out for myself, the more I realise what sage advice this actually is. ‘Let go and let God’ makes perfect sense. To surrender oneself to God, to concede that he knows best, to loose the rope and place your trust in him and his perfect will reaps rewards. Once we invite him into our lives, have his holy spirit indwell in us, our hearts and minds can be transformed.

God knows us better than we know ourselves, he designed and created us, he knows the number of hairs on our heads, he loves us and wants only the best for us. If we put our pride to one side and ask him into our lives, he’s only too willing, via his holy spirit, to enter in.

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