Stonehaven Golf Club – Winter League

The annual winter league is beyond halfway now, time then for a summary of standings. It’s been a traditionally grim season weather wise, but competitors know fine well what they’re buying into so don’t grumble about the cold temperatures, biting winds and sodden turf. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house, keep active and revel in the beauty of the coastline even if your bones do feel like ice blocks.

There are 3 sections under the winter league banner; Singles (nett), Doubles (nett) and Doubles (gross). Entrants are invited to play over 18 weekends (weather permitting) with their 9 best scores contributing to an aggregated total which ultimately decides the qualifiers on finals weekend in March. 

For my part I bottled it this year. I had a poor end to the summer season and decided snooker & darts might be a better option during the winter, but there were many hardier souls than I. In total 55 individuals entered the Singles and 28 pairings the Doubles. Latest standings after 11 rounds are below and good luck to those participants as the season goes on.

Singles – Nett (Stableford, average points shown)

Alex Keith 39

Raymond Shearer 38.5

Steven McGhie 38.5

Tom Gilchrist 38.5

5 others with 37 or more but need a shift on if they’re to catch up

Doubles – Nett (Stableford, average points shown)

S Wright/G Ironside 54.3

R Walker/A Stewart 55.8

J Neal/D Henderson 56.8

A Officer/C Arthur 57.3

2 other pairings within a further shot but the leaders streaking away

Doubles (Gross Strokeplay)

K Riddell/J Barbour 61.3

F Stark/C Brown 61.5

I Taylor/R McAllan 61.8

C Taylor/K Murdoch 62.8