Stonehaven Baptist Church – prayer

By Alex Russon / February 14, 2024

Why? Where? What? When? Who?

For those of us unaccustomed to the concept, a prayer meeting may sound peculiar, perhaps even suspicious. Why would a group of people assemble to close their eyes and lift their thoughts to an unseen God? Well, faith is the answer, people of faith demonstrating their dedication by talking and listening to God, communicating with Him, and that’s what prayer is. Communicating with God.

Each week Stonehaven’s churches dedicate time to lifting petitions before God, Stoney’s good people (and bad!) uplifted in prayer by folk they probably don’t even know, their protection and comfort being sought. And we’re not alone in such prayerful practice, throughout Aberdeenshire prayers are said on behalf of their respective communities and you can extend that to Scotland, the UK, indeed the wider world. Millions of prayers being extended to God as people invest their hearts and souls in him.

But why? Well it’s biblical for a start, the bible implores us to pray, Jesus Christ himself knew the importance of prayer and prayed to his father, the same father we pray to. If it’s good enough for him it’s perhaps good enough for us! Where? We can pray anywhere we choose, there’s no need to wait for a church pew or darkened bedroom. When? There’s no need to delay until Sundays, or moments in time where life seems to be overwhelming us, we can pray anytime 24/7 and are encouraged so to do. God delights in us and, like any father, is pleased to be in communication with his children.

What do we pray about? Anything and everything, nothing is too small to interest God. We needn’t speak to Him only when in the throes of a dilemma and it needn’t always be a supplication or request. We can offer thankful prayers, recognising what he has done for us, that he created us, the beauty of nature around us, for the loved ones he brings into our lives. And that brings us onto the who? We can lift anyone we like before God, ourselves included. The bible encourages us to pray for others, to seek God’s perfect will for their lives and equally to seek his will for our own. Praying for ourselves is not selfish, how can we be of benefit to others until we’re together ourselves?

In the end prayer is a conversation with God and any conversation must engage at least two parties. God is perpetually available, omnipresent, there’s no time of day he’s not contactable, no place he can’t be found and no issue he’s not ready to deal with. If you’ve not asked him into your life before he can cope with that, he just asks you do so now, he loves you.  

Some useful links to bible verses on prayer..

*Matthew 17:20-21

*Phillipians 4:6

*Romans 12:2