Stonehaven Golf Club

Winter 2 Ball Scramble

We’re at the fag end of the winter season now and will soon be back on the full length summer course. For the time being golfers keep their respective hands in, braving the elements for a three hour hack before a hot bovril. This week it was a 2 Ball Scramble to maintain the competitive juices, the course reduced to ribbons however in a format lending itself to low scoring.

A 2 ball ‘scramble’ is a two player team game affording a benevolence that proper bare knuckle golf does not. The idea is that both players play from the same place from tee to green with the best shot of the two selected as the hole progresses. For example, during Saturday’s competition Barry McGillivray sent his 6th hole tee shot comfortably onto the green whilst his partner, Scott Cameron, hopelessly shanked his effort towards the train track, his ball a knee high tracer bullet in search of the 08:12 to Kings Cross. McGillivray’s ball was therefore selected rather than the one nestling halfway up the embankment having narrowly missed startled onlookers minding their own business in Coach E.

Equally, there needs to be an even spread of selected par 3 tee shots chosen whereby both players must contribute an equal number by the end of the round. It pays to take the pressure off oneself early in the round so the onus isn’t solely on you as the closing par 3s home into view. Again, Cameron was found wanting in this regard, his knees knocking on the last two par 3 tee boxes given his partner’s tee shots had been routinely selected for the most part of the previous par 3s.

But enough about the rules, we don’t want to get bogged down by them or find ourselves inadvertently humiliating inept players. To the results…

Of the 26 pairings taking part the event was won by Ian Brattey and Michael Halliday who knocked it around in a net 56, ten under par. Congratulations to both although it’s surely something of a hollow victory when you’re playing a foreshortened winter course in veritable summer conditions (it was a beautiful day), your every error atoned for provided your partner doesn’t do something silly with his effort. Winning the Winter 2 Ball Scramble is akin to your football team winning a pre-season friendly before the football season starts, all very well but forgotten before the teams emerge from the showers.


I Brattey/M Halliday 56

D Allan/A McKechnie 57

D Gall/A Gall 58