Weeds on Stonehaven Beachfront walk

a landscaped area with benches and a dolphin sculpture - full of weeds

Dear Bellman

Just been reading the Bellman about all the money that our council is to be spending. Or not, however you look at it, I find nothing wrong at all with the projects. 

But how about keeping what we have in a  tidy state and not in the mess that they seem to be pleased with?

 The Beach walk is a a horrible mess and what are the council doing? Nothing as there is no money, even although they have a squad of  people who maintain the landscapes or have they been made redundant?

The council have no shame  to ask for volunteers to tidy the town centre of weeds, what a damn cheeky, would they also want the public to fill all the potholes too.

Can I just say if we had a town inspection for any reason and our local dignitaries coming out to accept the plaudits , then I’m sure money could then be found. For goodness sake take some PRIDE in the town you represent.

May I compliment Councillor Turner on his lovely garden, how embarrassing to live adjoining such a mess.

One of Stonehaven’s older and still prouder natives. 

Bill Malcolm 

Isabel Page - July 11, 2024

Maybe it is time we all started to think about what our taxpayer funded bodies should NOT be doing. Given the revolution in technology over the last 20 years why are there more people than ever in local government and key provisions like care and respite care no better or worse ?
Jobs like simple weeding should be ideal for those sentenced to community service. Why not allocate street weeding on a rolling programme to these people?

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