Looking Forward to 2030

By bellmannews / May 25, 2020
A view of Stonehaven from Toucks area

CONSULTATION starts today on the proposed local development plan, LDP, that will shape Stonehaven’s growth over the next ten years.

And with the restrictions of the Covid-19 epidemic making the usual public exhibitions impossible, the local authority has put together an online facility to allow you to see what is on the cards – and make your comments.

An interactive map of Stonehaven is one of the features . Each area of proposed development or safeguarding is highlighted with information appearing if you click on it.

Stonehaven is clearly not a town earmarked for fresh expansion over the next decade – most of the housing sites are developments already underway. Many of these are at Ury Estate, where an additional area – Op 5 – has been added to continue housing up the slope to a protected fringe on the ridge -P9.

Last year we had consultations on the Main Issues Report – the proposed significant changes to the existing policies within the LDP – along with draft proposed LDP.

This provoked 1200 submissions which were debated and considered before reaching this new proposal document.

Our councillors have already accepted this proposed LDP – it was presented to Full Council on 5th March when local members agreed that the content provides the settled view of the council on the plan they wish to see adopted in 2021.

This formal consultation on the Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) 2020 and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Reportwill continue until July 17.

Any unresolved matter raised will be looked at by a Reporter appointed by the Scottish Government’s Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA).

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