Do Your Bit for the Town

By Jane Cruickshank / June 1, 2020
Knee high weeds outside Farmfoods

THE Horizon Group is echoing Aberdeenshire Council’s plea for residents and business owners to smarten up our town by clearing our streets of weeds.

With the lifting of restrictions, the volunteers are able to start tidying and planting, working in a manner that conforms with the latest guidelines from the Scottish Government.

Last year, Horizon started a ‘war on weeds’ – making efforts to remove offending grass and dandelions from around the town centre.

Convenor John Cruickshank said: ”It took a few outings by the group to work our way round the Square and surrounding streets, but we were very pleased with what we achieved.

”Many people commented on how much it improved the appearance of the town, including the Community Council, who thanked us for our efforts.”

But, like Aberdeenshire Council, Horizon are now swamped with the amount of work needed to catch up after two months of inaction.

The local authority issued a recent press statement saying they were suspending all pavement weed control so they could focus on essential tasks.

Show Your Pride in Your Community

The council is encouraging business owners and residents to,”assist it by continuing to show the pride they have demonstrated in their communities so far during this difficult time by helping to control weed growth on the section of pavement in front of their property.”

The preferred removal of such growth by volunteers would be through the use of trowels, hoes and forks as weed-spraying must be carried out by a trained and certificated person.

John Cruickshank added: ”It doesn’t take long to tidy a few yards – it used to be something householders did as a matter of course.

”It would also be kind to think about any neighbours who are not able to do the work.”

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