Fresh Bid For Riverside Proposals

By Jane Cruickshank / April 5, 2022
view across Carron to the land owned by Mr Morrison

A STONEHAVEN man has submitted a revised planning application for a house at Riverside Drive along with associated leisure amenities – and now details how land he owns would pass into community ownership if his scheme gets the go-ahead.

Together with Stonehaven Town Partnership, David Morrison is seeking permission in principle for the erection of a single dwellinghouse, and improvements to surrounding open space to provide land for allotments, outdoor scout use, bike trails and footpaths.

This application comes almost exactly a year after Mr Morrison’s first planning application which attracted 136 public comments – 61 objections and 72 in support. The matter was discussed at the May meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council, when several locals highlighted their objections. Mr Morrison then withdrew his application to address concerns raised.

Addressing concerns

The new master plan shows parking spaces for 10 cars to the east of the site – according to the planning statement, this addresses concerns about parking. It also states there is agreement for use of the Scout car park at weekends, providing a further 12 car parking spaces.

And in response to fears the management of the land had an adverse impact on the wildlife value of the area, an ecological survey of the site was undertaken with recommendations incorporated.

New leisure amenities on land held by Stonehaven Town Partnership

The planning statement also describes how ownership of the land will be handled – if the proposals get the go-ahead, the land at Riverside currently owned and managed by Mr Morrison (with the exception of his house plot), will be transferred to Stonehaven Town Partnership through a community asset transfer process.

Three groups that may benefit from Mr Morrison’s proposals have supporting statements included in the planning statement. Stonehaven Horizon Group describe a list of needs that could be met on Mr Morrison’s land. These include space to grow and propagate plants (polytunnel or similar), a potting shed, storage shed and outside growing space / raised beds.

Grampian Tigers Youth Cycling Club’s document contains images of similar facilities to highlight their vision for a ‘Riverside Bike Skills Park’, with a short trail with various mountain bike features, and a pump track for various other wheeled sports. They state the site is aimed at local users and would be available to all.

Meanwhile Stonehaven Scouts say the land allocated to them would allow more activities for their groups, including tree planting, learning about managing the local flora and fauna and achieving environmental badges.

They state: ”The ability to get kids outside and away from screens and distractions will encourage proper team building and problem-solving challenges. This is one of the fundamental principles of scouting which is being diluted and not catered for due to the lack of space within the current facility.”

House in the countryside

The site of Mr Morrison’s proposed new home is outside the settlement boundary on land classed as countryside. As the application is for permission in principle, no detail of the proposed house is provided.

According to the planning statement: ”The house will be designed to the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and incorporate renewable technologies to minimise carbon costs of development. It is the applicant’s aim through the landscaping and planting in the surrounding area that the development of the house is carbon neutral.”

Full details online

Full details of the application are available online along with a facility to comment.

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Lorna Collie - April 6, 2022

We bought our house in Riverside Drive in1988. In all these years our children and grandchildren have had access to the woods and open space through our back gate. If this goes ahead we will not have this access any more. Just because this one man wants an enormous house all the people living here lose their view and access. I cannot see how this is a benefit to anyone but himself. As for offering to donate some of the land, it’s blackmail eg. You don’t give me my house I’m not giving you the land. When we bought this house there were loads of wild flowers and shrubs. Birds, bat’s, owls and deer were in abundance now because he uprooted most of the plants and put in grass, they are all gone. I understand this man already has a substantial house here… Why, when we are so short of safe outdoor spaces would he be given permission to build on this area.?

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