Tree Story Appeal

The Polbare tree belt from the coast road

STONEHAVEN’S Horizon Group are looking for locals with a special place in their heart for one of the town’s trees.

Much of a community can change with time but, like the bricks and mortar of our buildings, trees can be with us for our entire lives, bearing witness to the changing seasons and the the passage of the years.

Some can become associated with people or events or hold a special beautiful appeal – or perhaps become linked to childhood climbing or summer swing memories.

To help celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories, the Horizon Group hope to put together an exhibition of Stonehaven’s favourite trees with short anecdotes about their history or meaning to locals.

Convenor John Cruickshank said the group wanted to highlight the part played in our lives by the rowans, maples, birches and beech trees that soften Stonehaven’s streets.

”Trees have been so much in the news this year with the thousands lost during the storms,” he said.

”But it is also Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, with the Queen’s Green Canopy planting initiative that will see thousands of young trees planted across the country.

”We know of one or two trees with local heritage – such as the Peace Tree in Dunnottar Woods. But there will be people with their own private stories and that is what we’d love to hear.”

If you would be willing to help Horizon with their project, please get in touch by email to

Why not plant your own special tree?

We are all familiar with the notion of having a memorial bench placed in tribute to a loved one. But did you know our landscape services department can also assist with the planting of a memorial tree? If this is something that might interest you then contact our local landscape services officer via Email:

Featured image – the Polbare belt which I am very fond of as I saw it every day from our kitchen window as I grew up.