A Service Station for Stonehaven

By Jane Cruickshank / December 12, 2023

PLANS for a roadside service station at the AWPR roundabout got the green light from councillors this morning, with one welcoming the development as ‘something different for Stonehaven’.

Euro Garages Ltd were seeking full planning permission for the services, along with petrol station, EV charging points, shop, drive-through coffee shop and associated parking and infrastructure works.

The proposal involves the redesign of the existing Megray junction with the roundabout – widening it and changing the angle, with Megray Farm access retained via a spur leading south to the existing track.

Councillors heard from a planning officer who said it had taken the best part of a year to resolve road safety concerns. But, he said, Transport Scotland were now content these were addressed.

Later in response to a question by Cllr Dawn Black, he added Transport Scotland was happy there was a safe pedestrian route despite there being no signal crossing.

Continuing his report, he said the development is not in a sensitive location, the scale of buildings is low and there will not be significant increased lighting to the area, which is already very well lit.

And the development is not expected to have an impact on the town centre thanks to its strength, due in part to the number of tourists – but the developers would be asked to erect information boards to help bring visitors into the town.

Cllr Wendy Agnew welcomed the proposals. She said: ”Stonehaven has waited a long time for something different. It is high time it got it.

”I am very happy with this application. I think it is in the right place.”

With no voices in objection, the plans were given the unanimous backing of the committee.

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