Moving Forward After Traffic Review – Community Council Have First Input

By bellmannews / January 7, 2024
golden light of setting sun on rear wall of pool with grass area allocated to parking

ABERDEENSHIRE Council’s proposals for traffic management at the beachfront and Belmont Brae are up for discussion, at Tuesday’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council, SDCC – with a full public consultation on the cards.

Back in Spring 2022, almost 1,000 people took part in a survey looking at various aspects of road and footpath use, and the sometimes conflicting needs of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Key locations in the town were examined: Cowie and the promenade; Market Square area; Cowgate, Shorehead and Bervie Braes; and the railway station.

From this survey, a series of recommendations were made – then scored for their achievability, affordability, health and safety merits, and for environmental impact and sustainability.

This scoring led to a list of proposals to be achieved in the short term:
Permanent widening of the Promenade (Links)
Redesign of Leisure Centre car park
Belmont Brae One way
Additional Pedestrian Crossings
One way system at the Railway Station
Installation of improved signage/waymarking throughout Stonehaven
One-way systems along Arbuthnott Place, The Cross and Albert Lane

Start of consultation process on two proposals

At the beachfront, officers are recommending the creation of additional parking spaces behind the open air pool, along with the permanent widening of pavements outside the seafront row of businesses.

Meanwhile, a one-way (uphill) system is proposed for the Belmont Brae, along with a widened footpath.

Beach toilets also on agenda

The amount of traffic at the beachfront inevitably brings with it the very human need for adequate public toilet provision – and, with the Council’s budgetary constraints being a permanent refrain, this will no doubt provoke some interesting debate when the matter is discussed.

Stonehaven and District Community Council meets in the former Court Room of the County Buildings at Dunnottar Avenue at 7pm on Tuesday January 12.

.The meeting will be held in a hybrid format”, where members can choose to attend in person or by Zoom using the following link:

Meeting ID: 882 5156 2407

Passcode: 981059

Supporting documents are available on the SDCC website.


  1. Chairperson’s Welcome:
  2. Roll-call: (DL)
  3. Apologies & Declarations of Interest:
  4. Police Report: (David Charnley – Police Scotland)
  5. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
    a) Storm Babet
    b) Achères & Stonehaven Twinning Partnership (Meeting planned for 30th January)
    c) CCTV – Update (Meting planned for 10th January)
    d) Stonehaven Medical Centre – Link with Patient Participation Group – RC – Next Meeting TBC
    e) Nippy Dip – 1st January 2024
    f) Swim the Bay – JS / NM / SMcQ
    g) Community Storage – JS
    h) Town Centre Parking / Pavement Parking / Over Sized Vehicles Parking – How is this going to be
    policed – Where are Aberdeenshire with Deregulation
    i) Royal Mail Building – IH
    j) SSEN Kintore-Fiddes-Tealing East Coast OHL & 400kV Substations – Update / Suggestion from
    Crathes, Drumoak and Durris Community Council, that local Community Councils work together on
  6. Approval of Previous Minutes (12th December 2023)
  7. Public Toilets – Beach Area – JL
  8. Redclock Park – RC
  9. Stonehaven Beach Front Improvements and Belmont Brae One Way Schemes – Statutory Consultation
    Note: This consultation is a precursor to a public engagement – as such this exercise is specific to obtaining the views
    of organisations (including SDCC) and any feedback will then inform a wider future public engagement.
  10. Planning Report
    a) Stonehaven Men’s Shed – Bike Shed – Request for SDCC Support with application.
  11. SDCC Committees / Sub-Groups (Only Report if Applicable)
    a) Local Development Plan / Local Place Plan – DL – Next meeting 03/01/2024
    b) Invercarron Resource Centre / Older People’s Services – RC / IH
    c) Community Resilience Plan – Update – MO – Next meeting TBC
    d) SDCC Communications – SMcQ – Next meeting TBC
  12. Outside Bodies / Committees (Brief Reports)
    a) Transport Action Kincardine-shire (TRAK) – IH – Next meeting 25/01/2024
    b) KDP – Wind Farm Grant Application Reviews – DL / SMcQ
    c) Town Centre Improvement Group – AL/DL – Next meeting TBC
    d) Kincardine and Mearns Community Council Forum – DL / RC / IH – Next meeting 05/02/2024
    e) Kincardine and Mearns Community Planning Group – IH
  13. Treasurer’s Report: – (See Supporting Documents) – MO
  14. Correspondence: AL
  15. AOCB (NB special circumstance items only)
  16. Date of Next Meetings:
    a) Agenda Discussion Meeting: 6th February 2024 @ 7pm
    b) Business Meeting: 13th February 2024 @ 7pm

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