Tolbooth Courtyard Tidy-up Proposed

By Jane Cruickshank / February 5, 2024
The Tollbooth with its distinctive craws step gable -taken in a day of bright sunshine

A NEGLECTED courtyard behind the Tolbooth will be spruced up and put to better use, if plans submitted with Aberdeenshire Council get the go-ahead.

Stonehaven Tolbooth Association are seeking planning permission to pave an area behind Stonehaven’s oldest surviving building, which is currently a mess of weeds and old paving. They also hope to widen the entry opening to provide better access

Andrew Newton, one of the volunteers, looking after the museum building, told The Bellman: ”This project relates to the Inner courtyard and will bring back into the public domain an area that has been unusable for a number of years – it may well have been neglected since the mid 1950s.

”Space is at a premium at Stonehaven harbour and providing more usable space chimes well with Aberdeenshire Council’s policy of promoting Stonehaven as the tourist destiny of choice in NE Scotland. The South Harbour Improvement Plan 2021 also emphasised the importance of developing Stonehaven harbour to accommodate the booming tourist trade whilst  taking into account the leisure requirements of the local community. 

”On completion the area will offer a secluded open area where individuals can sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and/or watch events performed by local organisations. The museum is grateful for the support already offered by various local groups and by Visit Scotland and Visit Aberdeenshire.”

Full details of the proposals area available online, along with a facility to comment.

APP/2023/2237 | Installation of Paving to Inner Courtyard | Old Tolbooth Old Pier Stonehaven