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Covid Tam

By Jane Cruickshank / January 25, 2021

by Anon of Cowie When Corona virus hits the streetAnd friends and neighbours canna meet,When market days are nae moreWhen naebody’s allood through yer door.Whilst we sit boozing at oor hamesGetting foo whilst playing games,Some on tables, some on boardsWhilst thoosands end up in the wards.And at they Holyrood, e’en on SundaysWe hear auld Sturgeon cancelling fundays.She prophesied that late or soonWe’d all be told to stay locked doon.An affa lot ignored her summonsIncluding Willie […]


Stoney 1-0 Covid (part 2)

By Alex Russon / December 9, 2020

For those with young children, the lockdown presented a number of challenges (understatement of the year). With the schools closed from March, the lockdown trundled into the annual school summer holidays and it would be five months before they’d open again. Life without daily routine soon began to take its toll on children and adults alike, (another understatement).  The education system hadn’t stopped, teachers were still hard at […]


Stoney 1-0 Covid (part 1)

By Alex Russon / December 4, 2020

In the Spring of this year, when the full implications of the corona virus upon the world’s population started to hit home, the British government introduced a series of measures in an attempt to prevent the disease’s spread. Overnight, the day to day lives of citizens was turned upside down as we were instructed to remain behind […]