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Mearns FM profile – Doug Paton

By Alex Russon / January 14, 2021

There aren’t many towns boasting radio stations, Stonehaven being somewhat unique in that regard, so here at the Bellman we’ve been profiling some of the presenters at our community station, Mearns FM. Today it’s the turn of stalwart, Doug Paton. “I joined Mearns FM many moons ago when we were broadcasting from Stonehaven Town Hall. […]


Mearns FM profile – Gavin Harper

By Alex Russon / January 3, 2021

Mearns FM has an army of people involved in the station’s day to day running with over two dozen presenters broadcasting shows to satisfy a multitude of musical tastes. It’s a merry band of committed individuals gladly offering their services from the station’s studio on Ann Street or from their own home, but occasionally there’s […]


Mearns FM – profile Nigel Bassett

By Alex Russon / December 24, 2020

Mearns FM has long been the town’s community radio station and these days broadcasts much further afield than Stonehaven. The advent of DAB radio and online listening affords lugholes the world over access to MFM’S output, there are listeners a’ ower. The station prides itself on local content, boasting a stable of two dozen presenters […]


Mearns FM – profile

By Alex Russon / December 18, 2020

In coming weeks we’ll get to know some of the presenters from our local community radio station, Mearns FM. The station prides itself on keeping listeners abreast of local news and offers a wealth of different musical genres too. Perhaps we can find a good fit for your musical tastes. We begin by finding out […]


Mearns FM

By Alex Russon / December 12, 2020

Mearns FM is a community radio station, based in Stonehaven, tracing its roots back many years when it started life as Stonehaven Community Radio. The station’s longevity is a tribute to the commitment offered by the host of volunteers who believe strongly in localised media, a stance obviously shared by The Bellman, and both are […]