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Local golf – reluctant resurrection

By Alex Russon / January 18, 2021

Back in 1991, my football team (Aston Villa) poached the then manager of Sheffield Wednesday, Ron Atkinson. It was just before the start of a new season and to suggest this event caused enmity between the two clubs would be an understatement. A couple of weeks later, when the fixtures came out for the new […]


Stonehaven Golf Club – winter league update

By Alex Russon / January 11, 2021

The world of golf was shaken this weekend by news that the Douglas/Russon partnership has pulled out of the Stonehaven Golf Club winter league, a bombshell few could have predicted. After a shaky start to the campaign, results had been improving, yet, in a terse statement from Douglas’s agent, the duo’s seemingly harmonious relationship has […]


Stonehaven GC winter league (lightning strikes twice)

By Alex Russon / January 4, 2021

I used to be an amateur footballer back in the day, not a very good one, but a footballer nonetheless. When my career drifted to a close I was to be found on the periphery of the squad, rarely getting a game unless someone had gone down with the effects of a bad curry. Occasionally, […]


Winter golf at Stoney – mind funkery

By Alex Russon / December 29, 2020

According to common maxim, 95% of a golfer’s fortunes depends upon that which is occurring between his or her ears during a round of golf. Provided a player possesses the basic fundamentals of a golf swing, the scorecard will, in large part, reflect the mindset deployed whilst that individual was on the course . This […]


Winter Golf – a grown man cries

By Alex Russon / December 23, 2020

There’s something rather discomforting about watching a grown man cry, it’s akin to witnessing the scolding of a child, you don’t quite know where to direct your eyes. The  modern era accepts the need for men to let their emotions show, and that’s a good thing, but nevertheless, it can be perplexing when you see a […]


Winter League Golf At SGC

By Alex Russon / December 7, 2020

Back in the eighties, when I last played the game of golf with a degree of capability, I’d often be found out on the course with one of the two Douglas brothers; Jack or Keith. Sadly, I then discovered alcohol (unrelated incident) which I devoted myself to for the next two decades, a sorry tale […]